After the repair, it meets the standard. Hyundai sells the damaged car in the Tianjin Port accident


One year has passed since the explosion accident at Tianjin Port on August 12. Hyundai Motor China’s official Weibo recently released the “Statement on the Sale of Slightly Damaged Imported Hyundai Vehicles in Tianjin Port”. After the damaged car has been repaired, it meets Hyundai's imported new car quality standards, and sales of the above-mentioned vehicles will begin on July 13.

At present, Hyundai officials have not announced the specific models. We consulted Hyundai's imported car dealers about this. The other party revealed that the new batch of new cars included Gree, Genesis models, and possibly Veloster Phase One, but it was finally confirmed. The list of models is still unknown. In addition, the dealer stated that these cars will arrive at the store soon in early August, and not all dealers have cars.

The following is the official statement of Hyundai Motor:

   Statement on the sale of slightly damaged imported modern vehicles in Tianjin Port

   Hyundai Motors (China) has already handed over all imported Hyundai vehicles damaged by fire at the scene of the explosion to the Tianjin Municipal Government for destruction in accordance with the statement issued after the "8·12 Tianjin Port Explosion Accident".

The 1,008 vehicles located outside the explosion center at the time of the incident had only minor external scratches or surface defects such as partial damage caused by falling foreign objects in the parking area. The vehicle functions and safety performance were normal, and after repair, it reached the quality standards of Hyundai Motor's imported new cars. .

   In order to confirm the actual status of the above-mentioned vehicles, our company commissioned a professional organization to carry out strict inspections on the above-mentioned vehicles.

  1. From September 10th to 14th, 2015, the Tianjin Automobile Inspection Center approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China conducted vehicle sampling inspections for internal air quality;

  2. From September 14th to 20th, 2015, the expert team of the vehicle manufacturer-Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. will conduct all vehicle inspections;

3. From April 11 to 13, 2016, China Certification & Inspection Group Tianjin Co., Ltd. authorized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the internationally renowned professional quality inspection and certification organization Dekai Quality Certification (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (DEKRA) targeted the interior Carry out vehicle sampling and testing for chemical substances;

  4. From June 20 to June 24, 2016, a team of experts from the quality department of the vehicle manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., conducted all vehicle inspections.

   The above inspection results all proved that the 1,008 vehicles did not have any special quality problems caused by the explosion accident.

Therefore, our company has decided to start selling the aforementioned vehicles from July 13, 2016. The sales principles of this batch of vehicles are now publicized as follows:

  1. Sales channels:

  The above-mentioned vehicles will be sold through the authorized dealer network of imported Hyundai brands officially authorized by our company.

  2. Obligation to inform:

  Our company will require dealers to truthfully inform consumers of the vehicle status in writing when selling the above-mentioned vehicles, and transactions can be carried out on the premise that consumers know and agree to accept them.

  3. Repair obligations:

Our company will require dealers to repair the above-mentioned vehicles free of charge by polishing and removing foreign objects, replacing air-conditioning filters and air filters, painting scratches and discolored parts or replacing parts, and painting and painting damaged parts of the body. Meet new car quality standards.

  4. Warranty obligations:

   The above-mentioned vehicles will enjoy the brand new vehicle warranty service and three guarantees services officially provided by Hyundai Motor (China).

  5. The principle of reduced price sales:

   The above-mentioned vehicles will be sold at a reduced price based on the actual damage and repair conditions.

   We promise to sell to consumers only the vehicles that can be repaired to meet the new car quality standards. In order to avoid illegal sales, our company will publish the above-mentioned vehicle information on the official website for consumers to inquire at any time.

   Hyundai Motor (China) will uphold the principle of "customer first", faithfully fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and strive to create an open and transparent consumer environment.